Now that you have found your dream home, elevate it to the upper echelon of sophistication with HOMEX, the avant garde smart home solutions that enables a truly indulgent lifestyle. Simple “lights on, lights off” is an ersatz smart home; a genuine smart home is akin to a virtual butler who can anticipate your needs and serves your desires…as HOMEX does.


An Effortless Lifestyle

Have your entire home under your thumb from your princely perch. 


Abandon your worries with a virtual sentinel on perpetual guard.
Indulge in a sophisticated entertainment system for well-deserved relaxation and recreation.
Immerse yourself in an environment that has transformed itself to suit your desire.
Let your home complement your connected lifestyle.

Safety and security is the first of all essentials to build a perfect home. HOMEX is your virtual guard which deters, protects and detects potential threat to your family and property. Its keyless digital access, state-of-the-art alarm and surveillance systems form a secured perimeter; if breached, your home is brightly illuminated, audio warning is blasted and surveillance monitors switch on to alert you and cause the intruder to flee!      

Intelligent programming will intuitively change your home to fulfill your needs: lights switch on as you enter the room and switch off when it is empty; climate controls adjust automatically to maintain the perfect temperature always; curtains draw when the sun rises and close when it sets; televisions flicker on just by you walking past. A HOMEX home transforms into just the way you like it, without you lifting so much as a finger.   

Gratify capricious moods, varied tastes and myriad occasions with a single tap on the Wallpad. Dim lights and closed curtains to watch a movie, perhaps? Bright lights, cool air and dance music for a party? If you reside with an elderly relative or have a young child who finds it difficult to fiddle with knobs and controls, pre-set scenes can effortlessly cater to the individual’s needs. Whatever you wish, it is only one touch from being granted. 

Your family is packed and waiting in the taxi; you’re running late for that flight to a long-awaited, much-deserved holiday. Just activate the vacation mode with a single tap and off you go! HOMEX goes to work while you go on vacation: the security system is armed, the curtains close and the lights, air-con and appliances switch off, until…the pre-programmed routine sets them off at deceptively random intervals and none would be the wiser that no one was home.

Special moments revolve around the home, so let the home make these moments magical. With the press of a button, an enchantment has been cast - light infuses the home, music permeate the rooms and garden fountains burst into life; let the birthday party, the anniversary celebration or the festive merrymaking begin.