ISBA (Integrated Smart Building Architecture) is an integrated solution to monitor, manage and control multiple functions across an entire building or multiple buildings in different locations. It allows building owners and managers to learn how the buildings is being utilized and subsequently how to better manage it. The comprehensive solution further oversees security, connectivity, ambience, room settings and scheduling, and creation of leisure space vital for modern workplace; in other words, ISBA helps create a conducive work environment for happy occupants.


Security & Surveillance
Cost Management & Productivity
Energy & Resource Management
Facilitation, Pre-Set & Remote Control
Employee Engagement & Satisfaction
Digital Communication & Connectivity

A smart security system keeps the building and its occupants safe without hindering daily operations. ISBA allows easy entry for authorized personnel through its ‘wireless key’ technology, while restricting unauthorized access and monitoring guests’ movements and activities within even sizeable properties. Information is transmitted in real time to the security department to enable quick response to emergencies or suspicious activities and preclude untoward incidences; or to easily access security data post-incident. In a time when crime has encroached into unlikely places, ISBA will assist to regain the security of your property, safeguard your assets and return peace of mind to the occupants.

ISBA assists the maintenance department to perform daily operations with ease using a single, user-friendly platform; this intelligent solution is able to collate various utilization data, including energy and building resources. Informed decisions can be made to reduce utilities and resources expenditures, and anticipate technical anomalies or downtime. The outcome is an evident reduction of overhead costs and prevention of halted operations.


ISBA averts the need for multiple platforms which would require individual installation fee, maintenance costs and unique training requirements; thus, precluding any integration issues as well.

Energy utilization can be tracked from the entire building to an isolated area, from a whole month to a single minute; even temperatures and shading level can be assessed for a comprehensive understanding of their usage trends. Detailed data can be collated in a short span of time to identify energy wastage and implement green initiatives.


The maintenance department can use ISBA to easily monitor fittings, fixtures or implements in the building. For example, each light bulb can be tagged and its purchase and installation dates, warranty period, lifespan and maintenance schedule set for future alerts; lighting and HVAC systems can be controlled and monitored remotely from the ISBA interface. Breakdowns can be forecast, prevented and diagnosed. In effect, ISBA grants you control over the smallest building appliance.

As shared spaces are becoming more common in the modern office environment, ISBA includes room/space scheduling to facilitate meetings and to prepare the room/space ahead of time, including pre-set ambience scenes or remote control of lights, shading, air-con, audio and video displays.

Corporate communication channel alongside entertainment functions can be integrated into the building’s digital AV system. Audio and video displays in common areas communicate messages from the management, facilitating employee engagement, and in the event of emergencies, for immediate evacuation.


Employees can enjoy HD entertainment - music, movies, games and news – during breaks and benefit from a smart system that facilitates room scheduling, creates comfortable ambiences and a secure environment to work in.

High-speed secured connectivity to and within the building lays the foundation for seamless and safe data transmission, and wireless control of various building functions, including security, surveillance, AV equipment, ambience and smart devices. The highly stable system with an integrated firewall prevents external intrusion or loss of valuable data.