As gated & guarded communities and high-rise developments become increasingly popular, so arises the responsibility of managing the common areas as well as individual units of a development. HOMEX PRO is a revolutionary solution that integrates the entire property on a single, highly stable platform, resulting in enhanced security and seamless internal communication and connectivity.


The cutting edge system was custom-designed with our associates from ezVille, the award-winning home network solutions provider from South Korea, to conform to our local built environment and climate. After being tested and refined for more than a decade, and constantly being upgraded with the latest advancements, HOMEX PRO is now one of the most advanced smart housing systems in the market.


Enhanced Security & Surveillance
Child Safer Environment
Keyless Entry
Remote Door Control
Online Facilities Booking
In-Unit Elevator Call Function
In-Unit Shopping
E-Communication & E-Administration
Tight-Knit Community

Safety and security is now the topmost priority in selecting a home. HOMEX PRO’s security feature is built on an integrated wired system that makes remote tampering impossible. When an individual unit’s system is triggered, the security center is instantly alerted, and the guards can conduct an immediate visual check on the residents via videotelephony before dispatching assistance.


Besides communicating with the security center, the Wallpad lets homeowners conduct visual checks before granting access to people at the front door.

Young families look to procure properties with an environment conducive to raising healthy, happy children; they should be playing outdoors, but parents often worry about the safety of their children when they are out of sight.


With the HOMEX PRO system, parents can keep a watchful eye through live CCTV feed on the home’s Wallpad; the cameras can be positioned in common areas like the swimming pool or children’s playground. Meanwhile, parents can continue to run errands or pursue their own interests at home. 

The everyday item called the ‘key’ has evolved. It can now be replaced with a high-tech fob that is the embodiment of style and convenience. Residents can carry the small device in their pockets or bags, which the lock detects before releasing. HOMEX PRO locks are digitally and mechanically engineered for uncompromising security as well as easy entry for residents into their homes.

With a digital door lock, residents no longer have to run to the door to unlock it for guests. Visitors sometimes turn up unexpectedly while residents are still getting dressed or in the middle of cooking; but no need to fret with HOMEX PRO. Residents can communicate with the visitor and unlocked the door through the Wallpad.


Sometimes, family, friends or the housekeeper drops by when the resident is away. With HOMEX PRO’s connected system, residents can remotely release the door lock using their smart devices even when they are thousands of miles away.

Rudimentary pencil and notebook, double bookings and queuing for common facilities are things of the past. Residents can check the availability and make bookings for squash courts, tennis courts and the likes from the comfort of their homes, anytime, any day.

For those whose every bit of time is precious, they can call for the elevator before even exiting the front door. Residents can tap on the Wallpad, put on their shoes, stroll out and straight into the waiting elevator. It is akin to an elevator operator as only sophisticated buildings employ nowadays.

If there is a convenience store in the development, residents can make purchases via the Wallpad and have them delivered right to the doorstep. For residents who find it inconvenient to leave their units, have limited mobility or when missing that one ingredient in the middle of their culinary experiment, the in-unit shopping function provides a valuable convenience.

Paperless communication is an important aspect of managing a green development. HOMEX PRO lets the management send electronic bills, reminders and bulletins directly to the homeowner’s Wallpad, eliminating paperwork and overlooked invoices.


Administrative work is reduced significantly and refocused elsewhere, and residents will never miss important communiqués and make timely payments.

Built environments that foster social bonds have become an important consideration for property owners. HOMEX PRO allows residents to communicate with each other through the Wallpad, encouraging neighborly camaraderie and shared pursuits. Whether it is just a quick catch-up, to make plans or just to exchange recipes, daily communication leads to stronger community networks.