PCOM Smart City Solutions cater for a wide array of services.  PCOM partner with renown technology partners around the world to offer the solutions to local market.  We integrate and customise our solutions to current and existing operation systems to meet the client’s requirements for smooth operation and roll out.  The smart city solutions are monitored and managed via a flexible and extensive IoT Platform. 


PCOM’s Smart City Solutions:


     a. Intelligent Operation


     b. Intelligent Marketing


     c. Intelligent Energy


     d. Intelligent Security


     e. Intelligent Governance


     f. Public Health & Safety

Smart Waste Management - Smart Waste Management solution is using technology and IoT to improve waste collection and city cleaning operations.  By using AI to analyse and improve daily operation and route optimisation.


Remote Asset Management - Remote controlling and managing critical remote subsystems and equipment.  To manage the status of the equipment, environment and etc.  Use case in system room, cellular tower, ATM and others to monitor the power, environment, energy, security and others.  


Real Time Location Service - To track and trace the assets and employees  location in real-time.  To monitor and manage employees and visitors’ access in the building.    


Predictive Maintenance - Using machine learning algorithms predict failure risk from historic data for individual assets to minimize unplanned downtimes of the vehicles / machines

Pixage - Pixage is the next generation digital signage application developed by KoçSistem that enables you to broadcast content over the Internet from anywhere in the World.  You can offer customers quick and easy communications about new products and promotions through the high-definition displays

Intelligent Energy - To monitor and control the consumption of the energy in the building or factory.  To generate the trend of energy consumption, able to identify the root cause of energy wastage and alert the PIC.  

City Surveillance - Emergency camera system, Social facilities, recreational areas, parks, Monitoring river levels and floods, Monitoring crowded areas


Privilege Access Management - The solution is related to the Network Security and Data Protection and focus on telco business model.  The unique feature of this solution are agentless on the device with multi tangency to allow customer resell to its end user.


Smart Social Distancing - By using existing CCTV to detect the social distancing practice for indoor and outdoor.  3 different social distancing solution, Video Analytic Based, IOT Based & Mobile Phone Based.


Smart Surveillance – By using video analytic platform to detect on the:


     a. Work Safety & Security -  report the area of violation, protective equipment usage, handrail usage


     b. Predictive Quality – report on defective detection, vehicle scratches detection and pattern continuity


     c. Retail Pack – Generate the report on customer count, demographic and object detection

Work Place - An easy to use digital collaboration platform that will serve for company internal communication, building on the familiar social media concepts.  It is an application that enables all employees to access content shared by other employees and by the corporate account over web browsers and mobile devices.  


Road Quality Detection - Pits, bulges and road subsidence are detected via integrated devices to vehicles.  The detected errors are transmitted to the cloud servers via GSM for advanced data analysis along with real time GPS location.  Data collected on the control panel are displayed on the map, field teams are managed and work orders are assigned to these teams.


Smart Parking - Notification of free parking spaces to citizens , Informing citizens through Smart Stops ‘’How Do I Go’’ mobile app , Driver and vehicle status reporting in municipal transportation vehicles.

Smart Health – The smart health solution is a platform contains many specialised modules that serve the different needs and requirements of the hospital, clinic and healthcare industry.  This is the user friendly platform enable clients to choose the modules to integrate with their current existing or 3rd party operation system in order to reduce the CAPEX. 


The Smart Health modules are:


     a. Hospital Information System (HIS)


     b. Clinical Management System (CMS)


     c. Ambulance Information System (AIS)


     d. Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)


     e. Personal Health Record (PHR)


     f. Telemedicine


     g. JCI


     h. Online Transcription