Rail+ solution offers consultancy & engineering services in railway communication & signaling infrastructure. Building on our solid experience in fiber optic & strong technology partnership with worldwide industry leaders for technology transfer, Rail+ has been instrumental in ensuring the success of multi-million dollar high-profile projects across the nation.

Leveraging on PCOM’s experience in Optical Fiber Cable infrastructure network design as well as comprehensive project management capabilities, Rail+ offers expanded portfolio services comprising of Network Design, Network Integration, Equipment Supply, Project Implementation & Commissioning.

Modern railways undergo a constant transformation process providing yet higher speed, more efficiency & diversified services to customers. Railway operators are turning to Internet of Things (IoT) to connect transit vehicles with operations systems, and support new applications that improve the passenger experience onboard.  With Rail+ IOT Cloud Solution, operators can:


Provide more efficient transportation services by supporting real-time route and schedule management, and fare payment.


Provide a better passenger experience thru WiFi services at the station and inside the train, and more relevant and accurate information link to passengers according to their interest and behavior.


Develop deeper passenger relationships and improve user experience by collecting data across the entire journey - from ticketing, to travel information, to web browsing while onboard.


Generate new stream of revenues through digital advertising in stations, coaches and vehicles.


Provide interactive digital signage, public information and announcement.  Passenger able to find the information surrounding the station. (e.g food, bank, hospital, clinic, shopping, tourist spots and etc).  Promoting and increase visitor to business surrounding the station.


Real time feedback from passengers to the station maintenance team by uploading photos or comments (dirty area, damage area and etc) directly to the public feedback portal.  To improve the service and public satisfaction.