PCOM was established in 1999 and had humble beginnings as a distributor of fiber optics products. Soon after, it clinched its first high-profile client, Singtel, and launched its first Fiber Optic Network project; henceforth, the Malaysia-based company was catapulted into its position as one of the country’s leading experts in the fiber optics industry. The company then branched into digital AV products and solutions as a natural extension of its existing business, and supplied products to household brands like Sony, Sharp and Samsung.


PCOM soon gained a reputation for being the go-to expert in these industries, hence the moniker “experts for the experts”, and was sought by major telcos and AV companies for consultation and commissions. As we moved into an era that demands for ever-higher speeds for commercial and personal utilization, a 100% optical connection between service providers and consumers became inexorable, and PCOM has been instrumental in overhauling the country’s connectivity infrastructure.


Over the years, PCOM continued to cement its status as “the expert” by forging strategic partnerships with other industry leaders, including Fujikura and Crestron, and leveraging on its partners’ experience and knowledge. The company has expanded its market reach and continues to supply quality products and services to clients in overseas.


With a high-speed connectivity infrastructure in place, other technologies could develop atop it. The interest in intelligent homes and buildings gained momentum as contemporary lifestyles demanded greater efficiency and comfort. PCOM thus began offering smart home solutions in 2008 and, within a short time, transformed more than hundreds residents into smart homes with great success.


To illustrate the myriad possibilities of these smart technologies, PCOM launched the impressive Green House in 2014, where its smart solutions – HOMEX, HOMEX PRO, ISBA, Rail+ and SpeedHome – congregate in this tech-infused show house. PCOM continues to transform the nation’s infrastructures with its solutions, catapulting lifestyles into advanced modernity. 

The Green House is a multi-storey building located in Kota Damansara that embodies all the solutions that PCOM offers; the building is equipped with SpeedHome for high speed connectivity, managed via ISBA smart building solution and outfitted with HOMEX’s broad-ranging smart home solutions; in short, it is a showcase of the full range of the company’s expertise in one technologically-advanced structure, cementing its status as the first state-of-the-art, fully integrated smart building in South East Asia.


The Green House was deemed an archetype of an energy-efficient building by the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) and listed as a demonstration project in its Building Sector Energy Efficiency Program (BSEEP).


Besides being a show building, the Green House functions as the company’s headquarters and Research & Development center. Here, innovations are explored and new solutions are tested before it reaches the market. The Green House enables PCOM to experiment with and experience first-hand the latest in smart infrastructure and connectivity technologies, tweaking them to perfection before sharing them with clients.

PCOM is the leading provider of consultancy and services for connectivity and smart lifestyle solutions.



An integrated solution to rein in the entire building or even multiple buildings on a single, easy-to-use platform; convenience, cost-savings and a conducive environment for the occupants, all at your fingertips.



As the industry leader in Fiber Optic Network solutions, our services are widely sought after by telcos, government ministries, architects, urban planners, property developers and the likes; our experience, knowledge and professionalism set the industry benchmarks.



Elevate yourself to a modern lifestyle in the 21st century, and luxuriate everyday in a home furnished with intelligent home solutions to serve your every whim and fancy.



A revolutionary solution that integrates the entire development on a single, intelligent platform; enhanced security and seamless connectivity has never been easier.



Rail+ offers consultancy & engineering services in railway communication & signaling infrastructure.


Trite but true, the foundation of PCOM’s success is its inimitable people. Since its founders, PCOM has been made up of individuals who are as dedicated to advancing their skills and as they are in serving their expertise to the clients.


Since the company’s inception in 1999, our experience has been compounded throughout the years and through numerous projects; in other words, our people have seen it all, done it all. Augmenting this is the perpetual effort to facilitate our people’s personal and professional development, through training and accreditations.


Our engineers and technicians are certified by:



We take pride in our abilities and offer them to our clients with no less than the highest degree of professionalism and attentiveness throughout the entirety of each project.

PCOM excels in each division it operates in by engaging in strategic partnerships with experts in various related industries. 


Fujikura is a world-renowned and leading optical fiber manufacturer and developer based in Tokyo. A well-established firm and one of the pioneers of FTTx products and solutions, Fujikura’s wealth of experience and knowledge result in products of high quality and advanced technology. Technology advancements from Japan is continuously transferred through our collaborative partnership with Fujikura, benefiting our region with every project that PCOM accomplishes.
Crestron is an award-winning leader for more than four decades and the unrivalled giant in control and smart systems. Its solutions have been used by hundreds of residential, commercial, educational and entertainment infrastructures, and are integral in ensuring the smooth daily operations of almost every Fortune 500 company. Crestron’s comprehensive and wide-ranging products are designed and manufactured in America to the highest of standards. Through this collaboration and bolstered by our own R&D endeavors, PCOM has become the smart solutions expert in our own right in this region.
KoçSistem is a Turkey well-established leading information technology company in the business world for over 70 years. KoçSistem offers a wide range of solutions in the Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics, Security, Corporate Cloud, Corporate Mobility, Business Solutions, Digital Workforce and RPA. KoçSistem establishes sustainable relationships with the major technology centers through its R&D projects that serve as a gateway to the global market. Its customer ranging from telco provider to public and private enterprises in both domestic and international markets.


  • Founded in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Launched a comprehensive range of optical fiber cables and accessories, under the brands Speedwave and Speedmate.


  • Initiated the first Fiber Optic Network project.
  • Supplied 600km of fiber optic cable to Singtel, Singapore.


  • Certified ISO 9001:2000.


  • Began supplying Speedwave and Seedmate products to all major telcos in Malaysia; namely Telekom Malaysia, Maxis, Digi, Time dotcom, Fiberail, Celcom, Fibercomm, etc.
  • Entered the Audio Visual market with the Giraffe brand.
  • Exhibited the longest Fiber Optic Giraffe HDMI cable (500m) in the world in the KL International AV Show.


  • Supplied Giraffe HDMI cables for flat panel televisions to Sony, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips and Pioneer.
  • Launched the first ever Digital AV interconnectivity solution in the market.


  • Surpassed the 150,000th piece of Giraffe HDMI cables sold.
  • Launched the Fiber Optic Network solution for telcos under the SpeedHome brand.
  • Co-organised the “High Performance and Cost Effective FTTH Solution Seminar” with NTT Japan, Fujikura Ltd and Telekom Malaysia.
  • Set up the first ever FTTx and Digital Home showroom in Asia Pacific – named “The Rock” - in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia.


  • Set up a Digital Home showcase in Menara TM in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia.
  • Began supplying SpeedHome range of products to Time dotcom and Huawei International Pte Ltd.
  • Appointed as an Exclusive Partner of Sony and Philips for providing High Definition Solution for their displays across Malaysia.
  • Supplied and commissioned GPS solution to keep track the manhole position for Celcom Malaysia.


  • In partnership with Fujikura, secured a contract with Telekom Malaysia for providing supplies, training and technical support in the installation of 1.3 million FTTH homepass.
  • Completed the first ISBA 1.0 (Integrated Smart Building Architecture) project for 31 floors in Menara Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
  • Completed the installation and commissioning of 2000 sets of Wireless Payphone System for Maxis in East Malaysia.


  • Became Telekom Malaysia’s FTTH trainer; trained 268 TM personnel and more than 1,000 TM’s installers on FTTH technology.
  • Designed and installed Telekom Malaysia’s first Passive Optical Network (HSBB) Laboratory in Malaysia.
  • Installed the first 3D Video Wall in Malaysia.
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008.


  • Launched HOMEX, an intelligent smart home solution for households, in conjunction with REHDA, Cisco, Fujikura and AMX.
  • Designed Very High Capacity Fiber Distribution Cabinet (max capacity of 1536 homepass) for FTTH application, in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia.


  • Telekom Malaysia installed 1.3 million FTTH homepass in Malaysia with PCOM's quality products and solutions.
  • Finalized (Innovation Category) from Star Business Awards (SOBA).
  • Secured contract with Telekom Malaysia for FTTH Home Connect across Malaysia.
  • Became a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), USA.


  • Established 200 teams for FTTH Home Connect for the whole of Malaysia and surpassed the 70,000th installation mark, with monthly increments of 12,000 installations.
  • Launched ISBA 2.0, an intelligent building solution, for the commercial market.
  • Became IBM’s Authorized Software Value Plus Partner for security systems.
  • Sold and delivered 1,100 km of Very High Tensile Steel Wire Armored Optical Cable for the Double Track Railway Project in Malaysia.
  • Awarded 2nd project from Telekom Malaysia for home connect project.


  • Launched the Green House, a Show Building to display PCOM technologies and house the company’s R&D activities.
  • Entered the Indonesian market and established PT PCOM Indonesia.
  • Appointed by the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), for the Building Sector Energy Efficiency Project (BSEEP).
  • Appointed as a Smart City Solution Partner by MDEC under the Digital Malaysia Smart City Initiative.
  • Awarded 3rd project from Telekom Malaysia for home connect project.